Open Field
interactive sound installation

This installation is an investigation into the interactive potential of electromagnetic fields. Theremins - musical instruments played by placing one's body within the electric field surrounding an antenna - are used here to create a week long indeterminate sound recording.

Three theremins are placed in an equilateral triangle inscribed in a circular drum. The tones emitted by the theremins are determined by the presence of visitors in the space, changes in electromagnetic activity, and other environmental factors such as temperature. Without human interaction the tones of each instrument drift slowly, sympathetically. The three theremins, initially tuned to the same note, will configure themselves into various consonances and dissonances throughout the run of the exhibition.

The sounds created are visualized through a tom drum, whose skin is sealed to hold a small amount of water. A speaker is placed below the drum, and the wave patterns that are emitted through the speaker are visualized on the pool of water on top of the drum. The skin is tuned to resonate with certain frequencies, and at these points the skin vibrates the water forming circular shapes that expand and contract in relation to pitch.

Viewers are invited to interact with the sculpture, as their gestures will affect the soundscape and visualizations produced

Collaboration with Neal Moignard and Jean-Rene Leblanc.


May 2012, New Adventures in Sound Art, Toronto ON - Deep Wireless Festival

May 2011, Galerie Sans Nom, Moncton NB - Re:flux festival

January 2011, Buckham Gallery, Flint MI - Retina

October 2010, The Atomic Testing Museum, Las Vegas NV - Off the Strip