Basic Orbital Manoeuvres
virtual reality installation

This piece is centred on the unreliable subject that is generated through processes of electronic reproduction. These virtual environments draw from the 2012 piece How to improve the world (you will only make things worse), further investigating what occurs when the sacred is transformed through electronic simulation. In this work, the virility and destructiveness of the eternal flame is disrupted by the super-clean and super-safe hyperreality of immaterial data. The flame becomes something else, exposed to the slippery transmutations that characterize the virtual. Fahner addresses these ideas through Basic Orbital Manoeuvres, an immersive virtualized field of objects that yields myriad manifestations of the eternal flame, unrestricted by – yet superimposed upon – the physical world.


January 2016, W139, Amsterdam NL - Gym of Obsolete Technology (curated by Helena Sanders and Margarita Osipian)

July 2015, 8-11 Gallery, Toronto ON - The Radiant (curated by Xenia Benivolski)